How to Upload Files to Your Website Using WPForms?

Uploading files to your WordPress forms is much easier with the WPForms plugin.

Collecting information form the users through attachments is made possible and you can ask them to upload it anywhere on your website with the help of WPForms.

This will considerably reduce form abandonment.

In this blog, we’ll see the step by step process in which you can add a file upload field in your WPForm.

Step 1: File Upload Form Creation in WordPress

Let’s get started by installing and activating WPForms plugin.

Open your WordPress dashboard and click Add New.

A new form will be created and name it for your convenience.

Scroll down to see additional templates section.

Type in file upload form in the search bar and open the template.

Note that you should activate the Form Template Pack Addon to find the file upload form while searching.

A pre-built File Upload Form with a drag and drop builder will be displayed.

The default file upload form will have Name, Email, Phone, File Upload and Additional Comments field.

You can drag and drop and additional fields from the left to the right to add them to your form.

File Upload Filed will be available under Fancy fields.

Step 2: Adding File Upload From to The Website

You can add your anywhere on your website as you please.

Go to the update settings of the page on which you like to add the form.

Now click on the first option below the page title and click on the Add WPForms icon.

WPForms widget will appear inside the block.

Choose the file upload form you’ve created to insert into the page.

Click on the update option to update your page.

The form will be displayed on the [age immediately after the changes are made.

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