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Disney’s Hardcore Sales Strategy – Do The Same In Your Emails For Maximum Profit

I’m in Orlando at the minute.It’s my favourite place on earth. Guess it’s the one place where you can just be a big kid again.It’s kinda weird though to think of Disney World as a business.I mean, as a visitor, you just see it as some “magical” place. But behind all the magic, it’s actually one of the most hard-nosed businesses in the world.I mean, they’re very strict with their employees. Not in a harsh way. But all jobs need to be done EXACTLY on time. And cutting corners in order to get a job done quicker won’t be tolerated.Other businesses should take note.And you know what else they do better than almost any other business on the planet?Go on, have a guess…

Oh, you just want me to tell you?Okay then, spoilsport. Here you go:They sell super-duper hard. Literally all the time.”But Tom,” I hear you cry. “That’s crazy. Disney’s a “nice” place. They wouldn’t want to annoy anyone by hard-selling.”But hold up one second, my friend.Think about it.Disney really do hard sell – probably harder than any other business I’ve ever seen.Let me prove it:What happens when you finish a ride? Yep, you have to walk through a maze-like shop. If that’s not blatant selling, I don’t know what is.Another example?Okay:What’s by the entrance and, more importantly, by the exit? Again, shops, shops and more shops.And when your child begs for a cuddly “Simba” doll, how can you possibly refuse?!But it’s not just with merchandise that Disney are hardcore sales masters. Oh no. They’re also like it with tickets. I mean, they’ve just raised their prices. Completely unashamedly.And you know what? Even though most people reckon they hate being sold to, no one ever complains about Disney.Why?Two reasons…First of all, people know they’re going to get great value buying from Disney. It’s all part of the experience.Secondly, Disney time their “selling” to perfection. By this, I mean they do it once their customers have just done something fun – such as just after they’ve come off a ride. This means people don’t mind being sold extra stuff, because they’ve already been given value, and lots of entertainment.

And it’s this exact formula that you need to use in your emails.You see, if you provide your email list with value every time you send an email, and you also entertain them with what you write, then you absolutely will be able to “sell” in every email you send.I use this exact same principle myself and it works. At the end of the day, if it’s good enough for Disney, then it’s good enough for you and me.So follow this formula in your email marketing, and you should make a lot more money from your email list.

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