How to create high converting CTA-s

Caption: Understanding how to create high-converting CTA-s is a key to profitable websites.

Alt: A person holding megaphone and a person giving money, representing how to create high-converting CTA-s and make money with them.

CTA or Call-to-Action buttons are one of the most successful customer-retaining strategies for a website. When done the right way, they turn online visits to profit, and increase your earning. There is a whole science behind that teaches you how to create high-converting CTA-s. And that is where I am going to shift the focus in this article.

My goal is to cover the design and functionality of CTA-s and help you successfully integrate them on your website.

The characteristics of high-converting CTA buttons

Before we can talk about the “how” aspect, let’s talk a little about the characteristics of CTA buttons. First of all, it is important to realize that CTA buttons ARE buttons. I know that it sounds funny when I say it like this, but it is important to emphasize this information.

Call-To-Action is a button, and it should be treated as such. It is not an image, a link, or a text string. With that in mind, do not try to be too creative, you might actually miss the purpose of CTA-s. Stick to the tested designs, and you will do good.

Caption: Remember that CTA-s are buttons, and they should always resemble one.

Alt: A laptop with a button saying Create in multiple colors.

A button should have a recognizable shape, some text to define it, a nice, vibrant color, and an outline that will help it stand out from the rest of the page.

Why is that important? Well, our mind likes familiar shapes. It can associate what it sees with the purpose. That’s why you shouldn’t go nuts and experiment with CTA design. You are risking that your clients will not recognize what they are.

The color of CTA buttons

Websites are visual, and color plays an essential role in how they come out. It is equally important to pick the right color for your website and for the CTA buttons.

As mentioned above, CTA buttons should be clearly visible. That’s why the background also plays a crucial role when creating high-converting CTA-s. Do not blend them with the background, thinking it will seem natural. CTA-s should stick out enough to draw attention to themselves, but not disturb the entire presentation of a website.

A general message

Every CTA button should send a clearly understandable, likable message. They should beam with positive energy, and be inviting.

Caption: If we look at CTA buttons, no matter how they look like, but they should always create a happy feeling with customers.

Alt: Smiley face in focus, with sad, angry and worried faces out of focus.

Pay special attention to the words you put on the CTA button. If you make a wrong decision here, the CTA button will not be effective. A good tip is to always write in the first person, people like if it looks like you are talking directly to them.

How to create high-converting CTA-s?

Before we talk about how to create high-converting CTA-s, let me outline a few important characteristics:

  • Call-to-Action buttons ARE buttons
  • CTA buttons should be easily recognizable and stand out from the background
  • They should send a clear message and beam with positive energy

Let’s see what are other crucial features and aspects needed to create high-converting CTA-s.

The size of the CTA buttons

When we talk about the size of the CTA buttons, bigger does not always mean better. The general idea is to make people click on it.

If it is too small, they might miss it by accident. On another note, if you make it too large, it might look unnatural and your visitors might choose not to click on it.

Furthermore, let’s look at the size from another angle. All companies try to keep customers engaged on social media. Today, people primarily use mobile phones to browse the internet. Have in mind that the screen on the mobile phone is a lot smaller than on other devices. So, keep your CTA buttons proportional to the size of the screen.

Should you have more than one CTA button?

This is a good question to ask. When trying to create high-converting CTA-s, the number of buttons plays an essential role. Best is to have only one button because it eliminates choices. However, remember that people like to have a choice.

Since it is proven that too many choices only make a mess in the end, the best is to decide between one or two CTA buttons.

A good use for multiple CTA buttons is if you are targeting more than one group of interest.

CTA button should be a punchline

If we look at any website as an example, you will realize that they all have one thing in common – the flow of the information. All websites have a beginning, middle, and end. Look at them from an angle of a customer. When they visit your website, customers are expecting a well-written story. And you are the one who guides them. Just like every story should have a good punchline at the end, that is where the CTA button steps in.

Your clients should “understand” that somewhere at the end, there is a button for them to click on. With that in mind, make the CTA button be a part of your website’s flow. It is not a separate entity.

That is why I think that professional support for your website is a necessity. We are not all experienced with CTA strategies. Having a professional by your side to guide you and shift the focus to the right place is a good strategy.

Turning to professionals for assistance

Creating high-converting CTA-s might feel like re-discovering hot water all over again. There are a lot of tested and successful strategies. If you are doing everything on your own, it could take some time for you to learn all there is about this subject. For that reason, having someone to manage your website and give pointers and directions is a smart decision.

Caption: All CTA buttons should create a sense of urgency with the customers.

Alt: A stopwatch showing deadline in red color.

WP Full Care takes good care of its customers and can be a great long-term investment.

A sense of urgency

The last advice I will talk about that will help you to create high-converting CTA-s is that they should create a sense of urgency for your customers. They must realize that an opportunity is right in front of them, at the reach of their fingers. If they pass, it might never over itself again. With all that has been said, you should have more than enough information to successfully create high-converting CTA-s. Good luck!

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