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Unfortunately, there are a lot of unskilled specialists on the market, and if your site gets to them for promotion, then experiments are started on it. The company literally does not know what to do with the site for withdrawal in the top-10. The consequences can be the most deplorable, up to the sanctions from the search engines.

What should I pay special attention to?

Portfolio of the company

It should contain requests from different subjects and with varying frequency. Well, if the positions of sites for key queries are close to each other in different search engines (Yandex and Google).

The cost of promotion is an extremely important factor. Search engine promotion on requests requires both financial and temporary investments from the executive company. It is necessary to understand this. Thus, there is some minimum cost of promotion equal to the financial costs that the SEO company has. In this case, it’s not worth chasing the cheapest commercial offer, because the quality of the services provided is significantly related to the amount of funds that are allocated to financial expenses. But to openly overpriced budgets is also worth cautious. The SEO Company in Phoenix does all these perfectly now.

The number of regular customers of the company shows that the SEO company is able not only to show good results, but also to keep them consistently (this is especially important in the market with constantly growing competition).

Profile of the provided services

Well, if the staff, in addition to the staff responsible for the promotion, also has a professional designer, programmer, layout designer, then if you need to change something on the promoted site, all changes will be made as soon as possible and at the minimum cost.

Recommendations of friends

As you know, nothing can be better than a personal recommendation, heard from a person you trust. But here we would call to listen only to those acquaintances who even understand a little in the process of search promotion.

If you decide to analyze the proposals of several competing companies, it is worth considering all the above points and weighing the various positive and negative sides.

Before concluding the contract, make sure that you understand the pricing policy, agree with the accepted form of reporting on the project and are confident in the people who decided to entrust their website.


Before the SEO-company there is an important task of promotion (popularization) of the resource, not only at an informative level, but also at the level of practical actions on the part of site visitors. Therefore, it is very important that the company is competent.

Suppose you have a site on which you want or already place goods of your company, but the resource is practically not in demand, there are few or very few orders. Expenses exceed revenues. You understand that the site is missing something; you want passionately that the attendance figures are increased, but you yourself cannot cope with it.

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