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It’s Ok to Be You

We are in the era of social media, where everything and everyone’s life is posted. Online you have the ability to create how people want to see you and the life you want them to envision you having. You might be feeling the pressure to get your life together and even the perfect body.But I’m here to give you the friendly reminder that the internet is not all that it seems. Particularly all the individuals who are on the internet displaying their “lives.” This PSA is a friendly reminder that it is OK to be who you are right now. Whether your life is a terrible mess in your eyes, your waistline is expanding or has expanded, or your clothes aren’t the brightest you need to know that you are fine.

You are a beautiful mess, a piece of art that everyone might not get but those close to you understand all too well, and that’s okay.You don’t have to have a million followers or friends to validate your life or beauty. Being birthed into this world and waking up every day is more than enough to know that your life is worth more than a profile.Learn to love yourself, learn to know you’re worth. I encourage you to look yourself in the mirror and learn to love each part of yourself that you see as a problem. Regardless of what society say’s or what you see as perfect on Instagram is not the standard of beauty. The standard of beauty is “Self Worth.”I encourage you to practice loving yourself daily. If that means telling you every morning how awesome you are then so it. You deserve it; you are long overdue for some self-love! Whether you believe it or not, it’s time to change your perspectives of yourself.

While society is telling you what you should do and how you should look, you should be fighting the ideals placed upon you.Let’s learn to be body-positive, let’s not be the one’s selling false hope to those thousands of followers who idolize you. It’s time to be yourself; it’s time, to be honest about who you are. I’m not saying put your all of your private business on social media (we get that enough already lol) I’m saying it’s time to be a part of the positive movement for our future ideals that support body-positivity.Are you with me?

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