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Keep Customers Engaged On Social Media

Most companies think it is necessary to hire a professional social media company. This is because social media companies know all the tips and tricks to get more followers, keep customers engaged and make sure that they want to come back to the same page over and over again.It doesn’t involve spending money so that robot profiles will like pictures or share a picture a thousand times. Instead, they know the secrets to getting a genuine following. A leading social media company shared a few of their favorite tricks to help get businesses started.Needed ContentPer this company, posts should fill a need. For example, a makeup business may post a short video that shows customers how to fill in their eyebrows. Customers that need to know how to fill in their eyebrows or learn a few new makeup tips will appreciate this post.

If the post informs readers, or teaches them something knew, someone will be interested. As a rule of thumb, see if it qualifies as a how to post. If it shows someone how to do something, it doesn’t matter what, then it counts.Like vs. ShareBusinesses must have at least a few followers for this type of post to work. If they do, this is a great way to boost popularity on. A company just posts a picture of two things side by side. Then, caption it with “Like for this one or share for this one.”Followers will instantly start hitting the share button and like button. As more people share it, the audience will continue to grow.Interesting News StoriesEvery once in a while, post an interesting news story. These encourage readers to click on the post, and then to comment on it. People are full of opinions, and most followers are more than happy to say what they think of the post in the comments.This is why so many popular pages post controversial news stories or extreme news stories. It is partially because it may interest them, but it is mainly to keep followers engaged.Ask QuestionsAsking a question is a great way to get followers to speak up. Per a leading social media company, a simple question will get a follower to comment. Open ended questions, which are ones that do not have yes or no answers, are more likely to catch reader’s eyes.Run a ContestRunning a contest on a page will keep followers coming back for more. They will want to see how to win, what the rules are, and the number of views is sure to increase on the day that the winner is announced. Running monthly competitions is a great way to keep followers interested.

A social media company also uses this tactic to increase followers and raise awareness about a page. They do this by having followers share a certain picture or post a picture with a hash tag that has the brand name in it.There are so many ways to engage readers on certain platforms that this article just brushes the surface. These tips work, but there are a lot more than only a few ways to get followers to like and share posts or to keep them coming to the same page.A social media company says that a business must know their audience, and their target audience, before deciding which approach is the best to take. For example, like vs. share posts work better with younger audiences. Contests and running special sales work better in older audiences or with parents.

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