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How to Create a Music Band Website

Nowadays there are many bands out there, and each has its own music. The competition in this industry it’s quite huge and noticeable. Pouring your heart and soul in creating the music is not just enough. You need your music to be heard across the world. As a result, how you choose to reach your fans plays a significant role in how your music gets out to the public. It is therefore in your best interest to create a beautiful website where you can add your albums, grow your fan base on social media, sell your music without any commission as well as track all your music stats.

Most importantly ensure the website you choose engages your fan base. From your site, you should be able to reach your fans and interact with them freely. You can use it to inform them of the latest tracks, tour dates as well as get their opinion on what they think about your music. So, how do you create your website and leap to the next level? The following guideline will help make the process a whole lot easier;

Template selection

When creating your music band’s website the first thing that you should do is select a template. It is the template that determines where on your page the logo, content area, navigation, and sidebar will appear. The template you choose decides how your homepage will look like. Choose the right images and texts that your fans will enjoy using in their laptops, phones or tablets.

Choose a domain name

Anyone can create a music band website for free however that would mean adverts run through your site every time. When creating a website ensure you create one that does not support advertisements as well as connect a custom domain name to enhance the ease of people finding your music online.

Choose the important pages

When someone visits your band’s website, they expect to find particular information there. It’s crucial that you master what your fans want to see on your site and present it to them. Some pages that are a must-have include the homepage, about or bio, music/videos, photos, store, press, tour and contact among others.

Embed your music

Your music website should provide your fans with an audio player where they can directly listen to your music. Try embedding a Spotify playlist on your site for instance. Keep your fans entertained and have fun every time they visit your website.

Create a store where you can sell your music

Your website is not complete without a platform where you can sell your music. Once you have added your albums your fans should be able to buy it online.

Running a music band is not easy by any chance. You will have a lot to do, and sometimes a few things may slip through your fingers. A website will enable you to take care of the important details that don’t allow any compromise and with themes such as Sonaar Music Plugin for WordPress, the whole process becomes easier and natural even to those that know nothing or little about websites. You can also decide to add a calendar to your site for convenience where you can add tour dates and any other relevant information.

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