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Free Plug-in Security Ninja To Protect Website Against vulnerabilities

Many small website owners deem that only the websites with the more traffic base are prone to the malevolent attacks so they do not use security plugins. Well, you have small traffic on your site does not mean that your website is secured. You need to understand that the small websites are an easy target because most of them do not use safety precautions to protect their sites. So the security of a website is highly important, and there are many security levels. There are the plugins for everything that help you watch over your site.

A great reporting tool with more than 40 tests:

Building a website is not easy, and you have to decide many things including the hosting company; correct coding of the site and of course the plug-in developers, etc. Indeed the wordpress makes things easier as the reporting tool is now available on wordpress plugins repository. To know more click on https://wordpress.org/plugins/security-ninja/.

Security Ninja is one of the plugins that help you watch over your site. It is a top-rated product that takes preventive actions to make sure that no one is attacking your website. It does not perform any changes to your installation. Instead, it allows you to take actions to fix the problem.

Features of free plugin security Ninja:

  • It performs 40+ security tests
  • Checks the website for security vulnerabilities and holes
  • Checks Timthumb vulnerabilities
  • Does not allow script kiddies hack website
  • Takes preventive measures against malicious attacks

Download it from wordpress repository, install it and activate it. Done? Now you are able to monitor your site and perform more than forty tests. Every test will identify the areas where there is a security issue. Indeed security ninja is a complete bodyguard for your wordpress website. Get this fantastic reporting tool by clicking on https://wpsecurityninja.com/.

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