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Website Design Trends in 2019 with the Belfast Web Design Agency

It doesn’t matter in which industry your business operates the website is a part of how you present your company. In the beginning, everyone had the same design so you didn’t have to worry about not standing out but nowadays there are many possibilities and some of the biggest firms in the world are investing a lot of money in it. Following new trends will mean a lot to your users or customers because it also means that your service is improving.

We now have artificial intelligence involved in most operations done on the page and the technology is constantly improving. There are a lot of ways you find follow the trends like basic online research for web design Belfast. Most of the people will have their first contact with your company by finding it online so that first impression they get can be a key factor. Google will also recognize when someone is spending more time on your page and improve the ranking of your website.

Type of Design

The type of design you will use will depend on your customers and users. When you work in a gaming industry then you will have a multi-color website with a lot of videos and interesting fonts. If you have some kind of service or you are selling clothing then some of the trends include minimalism which improves the focus of your clients to the items you offer.

To figure out what you need, you will have to know your customers and what they are looking for. When you know what kind of person will look for your service then you can figure out what they will like. There are teams that work on these issues and it has improved a lot over the years.

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Minimalism and Interactions

Many inexperienced people tend to put a lot in the design but sometimes it’s better to have less. Also, our instinct directs us to symmetrical design which is okay but in order to stand out, you can make asymmetrical look great. The most difficult thing to make look great is asymmetrical minimalism. This type of design is great for websites that have less than 25 pages or for landing pages.

User engagement is becoming more important for ranking a website because users will spend more time on it. Micro-interactions are one way of keeping your users on the page. These interactions can make your page feel alive if done with high-quality. For example, apply them on buttons and clickable elements on the page. The only thing you should look out for is overdoing it. The interaction has to be minimal but noticeable in the form of animation.


Videos can be a problem because they take space and can slow down your website so in 2018 there was a lot of discussion about it. Now, we have a different opinion because professionals know that they only need to figure out how the video won’t compete with other things on the website for user attention.

Simple and short videos that will give a lot of information are best for your clients. Some of them don’t even have sounds and they are just time-lapse videos that will show how your products work. This can hook the customer in a few seconds if done correctly. The correct placement of the video is crucial. Read more on this page.


For many years programmers tried to improve chatbots and only recently they become something that can easily replace human employees when it comes to customer care. AI has improved a lot and they are becoming more intelligent and natural. The efficiency was great even when they weren’t at their maximum. It can be expensive to have someone make it but it is very beneficial.

You can notice that many popular websites have them. The goal is to make them feel more natural. They even implemented delay time that looks like the bot is thinking about the answer. Even if it’s a delay, the customer will be more satisfied when they think they are talking to a real person. You can expect that they will be the main feature of a web page in the future. AI might also work on improving the overall user experience by gathering information from each client.

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