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Beginner’s Guide To Reseller Hosting Security

Security breaches and online threats are common for e-commerce businesses and online web hosting companies, including Reseller Hosting businesses. Reseller Hosting is a web hosting solution that lets you start your web hosting business by purchasing hosting plans and services from a hosting provider company and selling them to your customers at a competitive price. 

Web hosting in India offers several Resellers Hosting plans to individuals who wish to start their own hosting company. However, choosing a reliable hosting provider that offers high uptime, accessible and readily available customer support, and enhanced web security is very important.

Online threats and breaches negatively impact a Reseller Web Hosting business, resulting in performance degradation of your customer’s website and pouring customer complaints. This affects your client’s relationship and trust with your business, hampering its growth and profitability. 

Here are a few reasons why you should avoid free or cheap Reseller Hosting providers:

Why Should You Avoid Cheap Reseller Hosting Providers?

In this article, we look at a few actions and strategies that you can implement to avoid this situation and secure your Reseller Hosting business from malicious activities and hackers. 

Earlier, offering SSL certificates for all your customer’s websites was not considered a cost-effective solution. However, now Reseller Hosts can do it at no cost with an easy issuing and installation of these certificates. 

Providing SSL certificates to your customers with the Reseller Hosting plans will encrypt and secure the data transmission from hackers. It will also help your customer’s websites perform excellently on the search engine, resulting in a higher SEO ranking. This will improve your customer’s retention rate and satisfaction. 

  • Provide a CDN to all your customers

CDN (Content Delivery Network) effectively offloads server requests, reducing the chances of potentially malicious or attack requests on your web server. In addition, CDNs also improve website performance and SEO ranking, which can help assist your customer’s website’s growth and search engine visibility. 

  • Update your software regularly

Updating your software components regularly, such as OS (Operating System), database, CMS, control panel, plugins, reduces the risks of security breaches and getting your customer’s website hacked significantly. For this, you need to ensure that you choose a reliable web hosting provider for your Reseller Hosting business that takes care of and effectively handles the server and software updates. These services play a huge role in keeping your customer’s websites secure and high-performing, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and profitable business. 

  • Run regular security scans

Reseller Hosting in India offers many security scanning and malware detection tools and services for enhanced website security. SiteLock Website Security is one such security measure that you can use to protect your customer’s website and detect any malware or malicious presence on their website. 

  • Implement two-factor authentication

Implementing two-factor authentication on your control panel or server significantly reduces the hacker’s chances of accessing your customer’s websites. It augments the login credentials (username/password) with a secondary token to prevent access to third-party entities.   

Summing Up

Implementing the security strategies mentioned above will help keep your Reseller Hosting business and your customer’s website away from hackers and malware. However, your parent hosting provider also plays a significant role in your business’s security. 

Therefore, choose the best Linux Reseller Hosting solution for your business to prevent security risks and threats.

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