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Determine Your Need When Buying Web Hosting Plan

  1. Disk Space

To have a website on the internet the most essential and basic thing to have is disc space. It the amount of database that can be stored on the server. How much data required for your website depends on the size of your website. Images and flash are expensive so they occupy more space as compared to very economical text.

There are many web hosting companies like Hosting Raja that offers huge amounts of disk space at very low prices. This is fine, it doesn’t hurt to have the extra space – but unless you have a large website – usually website pages can easily stay under 50 to 60 kb including everything on the page but I believe you will more than okay with 20MB.

  1. Bandwidth

When you buy a web hosting plan from a hosting service provider, the other most important thing needs to determine is how much bandwidth is required for my website? Well, no one wants to turn their customers away so by investing a little bit of time it is very important to clear this concept.

You can easily calculate your website’s bandwidth by following these steps.

  1. Estimate the average page size of your website in kilobytes
  2. Multiply this value with the total number of visitors to your website.
  3. At last multiply the final from step 2 by the average no. of page views per visitor.

For most websites not much bandwidth required. Probably 85% of websites use less than 0.6 GB of bandwidth monthly. If you intend to have a lot of downloads of software, audio or video, then you may end up using extra bandwidth, it can be around 9 to 10 GB. Sites like music requires an enormous amount of bandwidth, but for the average site – a low level will be enough in almost all cases. Top of form bottom of Form

  1. Email Accounts

How many email accounts will you need? Normally nine to ten is sufficient, but if you think you might want more then you can use, Hosting Raja will not charge you for any amount of Emails.


When deciding to go for a web hosting company investigate if their customer support services are worthy. You need to check how efficiently their customer support services can handle the issue and how well equipped they are. Give them a call and ask them some questions, make sure that all the queries are dealt with first before purchasing a web hosting plan.

  1. Server Type

A web hosting company provide some space to a website to have their online presence If you own a small blog or website, then it is unlikely that you will need to select a particular type of server. Windows 2000 server web hosting server considered a little bit more expensive than the Linux web hosting server.

If you don’t have any idea what these things are – then you don’t need Windows 2000 – you will almost be fine with all types of server providers.

  1. Other Features like Databases, Server-Side Scripting

Web hosting plans can offer some of the confusing features. If you are a web designer creating complex database-driven websites then you would have an idea of what you need.

If after creating your site you have never heard of ASP, ColdFusion, SQL Server, MySQL – then chances are that you don’t need to be concerned about any of these things. If you are thinking to add a message board to your site then you will need a MySQL database. This is the everyday database used with discussion boards.

If all else fails – then feel free to contact Hosting Raja – they will always be more than willing to explain something and help you out.

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