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Getting Started With Cpanel Reseller Hosting

A white-label reseller hosting service hides the branding of the main host, allowing you to use the provider’s name and set your own pricing and business policies. With this service, you have full control over the hosting service, including the ability to control your own server’s resources. The first step in setting up a white-label reseller hosting account is to change the domain nameservers to your own private nameservers. The change will take up to 24 hours to propagate globally, so you should be patient. After you have made the change, you can start creating accounts for your first clients through WHM.


Reseller hosting accounts can be easily scaled to meet the demands of an expanding client base without having to pay for any extra admin cost. Depending on the client base, reseller hosting can be a great source of additional income. If you are a web designer, reseller hosting can be a profitable way to offer complete web design packages to your clients.

With cPanel, you can easily manage hostnames, virtual hosts, and website hosting accounts. You can use the control panel to create multiple hosting accounts for your customers, which helps you manage your hosting resources and ease your clients’ website administration.

Easy-to-navigate interface

If you’re looking for a cPanel reseller hosting account, you’ve come to the right place. Getting started with cPanel is surprisingly easy. Once you’ve logged into the control panel (WHM), you can easily customize your hosting account to reflect your business’s identity. You can also upload your company logo and webmail favicon, add custom cPanel styles, and update your public contact information.

With cPanel, you’ll have total control of your reseller hosting business. With a single interface, you can manage your website and server from anywhere. You’ll also be able to access and manage customer accounts and invoices, as well as manage your products. This is a win-win situation for resellers and customers alike.

White-label services

If you’re looking to set up a reseller hosting business, you’ll need to sign up for a hosting plan that comes with a WHM/cPanel account. These control panels help you manage hosting plans and will be branded with your company name and logo. You will also need a domain name, Nameservers, and at least two IP addresses.

You’ll also want a reseller panel with tools that make managing accounts easier and save you time. These panels feature intuitive user interfaces and reseller-specific features. They should also allow you to manage multiple domains and provide 24/7 customer support. Additionally, look for a reseller panel that offers client billing management services. Another feature that you’ll want to look for is automated backups. Having a server that backs up automatically can save you time and money, and it can also give you peace of mind.

cPanel software

One of the first things that a cPanel reseller needs to do is create an account in WHM. After doing this, you can customize the cPanel interface with your company name and logo. You can also upload your own favicon and custom cPanel styles. Your customers will use these to access the cPanel interface.

cPanel is a user-friendly interface that makes the administration process incredibly easy. Its multiple features and one-click features make it easy for even non-technical people to manage accounts. Moreover, cPanel also allows users to manage their websites and server through a single dashboard.


The Cpanel reseller hosting system allows you to sell hosting packages and manage them from a single interface. The reseller hosting package includes disk space, bandwidth, databases, email accounts, and domains. The reseller account also allows you to limit the amount of bandwidth and disk space your customers can use. The system also allows you to monitor email delivery and monitor bandwidth usage, as well as detect DDoS attacks.

The cPanel control panel offers full access to a wide range of tools and features for cPanel clienți. This includes monitoring, reports, and risk assessments, as well as creating and managing email campaigns. As a reseller, cPanel allows you to easily monitor your clients’ accounts, and help them if something goes wrong.

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